Hulta Design, from the old German word “hulta” meaning “wood”, is located in central Thailand around the outskirts of Bangkok. We supply artisanal and bespoke furniture solutions for various applications. We are not just retailers, but craftsmen who produce every product we sell ourselves with quality craftsmanship. We are only truly satisfied with our products when our valued customers are. 

We started on the 1st of August of 2016, occupying 2 small townhouses. Now we have grown together with our factory to occupying around 1,100 square meters with the goal of producing and delivering our own products of the best quality to maintain our 100% customer satisfaction rating. Our company has already grown from its humble beginnings and continually looks for ways to develop and expand the business, to be able to provide the most effective service to more people with the service they deserve. Our newly opened showroom allows our customers to personally experience firsthand our quality products and the kind of services we can give to you.


Our dedicated teams of sales, management, designers, and carpenters came from various countries around Asia, and their combined expertise is the biggest factor behind our company’s success. We make sure to give them the best work environment to help them stimulate their passion and creativity in designing and producing the best furniture for our customers.

Bernd Sorat Beyer


“Hi, my name is Bernd Sorat Beyer, and I was born and raised in Frankfurt, Germany. I come from a family of craftsmen as my father owned his own renovation company in Frankfurt for 50 years.

I was previously a partner in a marketing agency before deciding to move back into a more hands-on profession.

I founded Hulta Design in August of 2016 to help bring diversity to the furniture market across Thailand and to offer a customer-focused approach to furniture. I wanted to allow customers to be involved in the process of designing and making the furniture they will own. 

My desire to found the company comes after my own disappointing experiences trying to find high-quality furniture in Bangkok. The vast majority of what is offered at furniture fairs has remained the same for the past 20 years, it is as though somebody started a business idea and never attempted to implement any changes!

The only other alternative is to import furniture from overseas, which of course is unreasonably expensive and requires long periods of waiting.

I wanted to change that.”

Bastian Paisan Beyer

Business Development

“Hello! My name is Bastian Paisan Beyer, I am Bernd’s younger brother and I too was born and raised in Frankfurt, Germany. I was involved in the property development and management at our family’s business in Germany.

In 2018 I decided to move to Thailand with the intention of helping my brother expand his business, Hulta Design. We work well together as we share the same values and as brothers. I understand the company goals better due to our relationship.

I am the customer-facing side of the business and I also handle business development activities, I visit the homes and businesses of our valued clients in order to discuss their specific requirements of each project and coordinate this information with the design and factory team to get the best result possible!

Maike Angele Malitao


“Hello there! My name is Maike Angela Malito and I come from Manila in the Philippines. It is here that I attended Adamson University and completed a Bachelor of Science in Architecture.

I worked for two years as a draftsman in Makati, the Phillipines, on residential, institutional and industrial projects before emigrating to Thailand in pursuit of a fresh challenge!

My role within Hulta Design is, primarily designing new and exciting furniture to offer our customers, I also consult with clients on customized projects, interior design, and renovation work.”


Hulta Design was established with the mission of producing both customized and unique furniture, that will help us establish as a provider of world-class service and quality for home living, design and Thai craftsmanship. We always look for new materials, techniques and designs to add to our services for our customers.

Our vision is to endlessly satisfy all our customers’ needs and offer them the best design service, both domestically and internationally.


We take your vague ideas and preferences, then add a touch of our creativity to bring the best out of the product as a beautiful piece of furniture. We add another angle to the furniture market in Thailand, which gives priority to the customers’ needs and wants as we simultaneously bring our unique and fresh designs to market.


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