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“Hulta Design” from the old German word hulta meaning wood

Hulta Design is located in central Thailand around the outskirts of Bangkok. We supply bespoke furniture solutions for various applications. We are not just retailers but craftsmen who produce every product we sell ourselves with quality craftsmanship. We are only satisfied with our products when our valued customers are.

We started on the 1st of August 2016, occupying two small townhouses. Now we have grown together with our factory to occupy 1,100 square meters to produce and deliver our products of the best quality to maintain our 100% customer satisfaction rating. Our company has grown from its humble beginnings and continually looks for ways to develop and expand the business to provide the most effective service to a broader audience. Our material and showroom allow our customers to personally experience firsthand our quality products and the kind of services we can give to you.


We provide personalized high-end furniture in Thailand and beyond, so you can create something that fits your personal interior needs without having to sacrifice quality or style.

Great designs should not be limited to what is available prefabricated in storage. So we have made it our mission to offer beautiful furniture that is customizable at every step of the way: from choosing your materials and finishes, right down to deciding which details you want included on each piece.


Your home should be a place that reflects your style and your personality. That’s why we’re all about giving you the most flexibility for your furniture to make your home exactly what you want.

hulta ceo

“The support of our clients has been immense over the years and is an essential part of our growth. They let us work on various installations, keep challenging us with new projects, and push us to new levels, industries, and countries.

I like to thank all customers, past and present, for working with us. We will continue expanding the exciting cooperation while serving our clients the best interior experience”

Bernd Sorat Beyer


Anutida Beyer


Team Work

Our dedicated teams of sales, management, designers, and carpenters came from various countries around Asia and other parts of the world, and their combined expertise is the most significant factor behind our company’s success. We make sure to give them the best work environment to help them stimulate their passion and creativity in designing and producing the best furniture for our customers.

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