Hulta Design offers free 3D rendering services for all of our client’s customized designs. There are many reasons why we choose to use 3D rendering – the first one is to help you to see the finished product that you have been visualizing before choosing a product. This helps us to finalize the design, materials, and dimensions with you and make sure that the aesthetic elements and the proportions of the eventual product are all to your liking. 

3D Rendering Services

We use 3D design primarily in design applications in order to come up with a simulated digital model of the item. This involves getting the exact specifications you want and putting this in a drafting program to generate a 3D model of the furniture. We do this for your convenience in various ways, such as helping you see a model of how the furniture will look when it is completed and helps us gain consensus with you to make sure the product fits your requirements before putting the piece together.

This is also given and used as a guide for our carpenters and design specialists to help them work easily and precisely on production with the details, dimensions, and materials the customer has in mind. 

To be able to create this, we can do a personal visit on the space you intend to put the furniture on and take the measurements and take note of various design considerations around the area that could affect the furniture’s space. We then set them on a computer software to create the model that will be displayed at different angles to let both the client and carpenters fully understand how the finished product will look.

So whatever furniture you have in mind or want us to help you with, know that you will always have the assistance of our designers and their tools. We will let you see the models from the computer or phone screen first before hammer meets the nail!


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