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How To Maintenance Of Different Types Of Table Tops

The best dining table for you will be one that works for your budget, is solidly constructed, fits in your space, and has a style you will love for years. In addition, taking care of your dining table is essential to helping your furniture last longer.

Wood Table Tops

Use coasters & heat pads. That tasty drink might be refreshing and delicious for you or your guests, but the glass’s condensation is a significant cause of moisture damage to wood finishes. Use placemats and tablecloths, wipe down after meals, and dust regularly.

Stone Table Tops

Coasters should be used to help prevent stains, scratches & etch marks. All spills should be wiped up immediately to help avoid staining or etching the stone surface. Avoid abrasive or acid-based products, and cover your stone table with an outdoor furniture cover when not in use. Test first. It would help if you always did several test areas when applying care products to your furniture in inconspicuous areas to determine desired results.

Glass Table Tops

Place mug coasters, rubber pads, and placemats on the table. These protective pads will take all the heat and save your beautiful glass table from getting affected. The best way to ensure all-out protection is to use decorative table runners

Article by: Bernd Sorat Beyer
Founder & CEO