our factory

Our factory helps us directly control the kind of product and quality we produce for our customers. It also allows us to include personal touches on our products and ensure the high standard of craftsmanship that underlines our brand’s reputation.

Another benefit is that we can streamline production and manufacture the items more efficiently to reduce the waiting times for customized furniture.

our Showroom

We at Hulta Design want to show you our full potential, and we love hosting clients in our showroom, which comprises renovated old shophouses and occupies two floors to showcase more of our products.

While most customers prefer to inquire by telephone, Facebook Messenger, Line chat, or email, some still choose to do business personally and would want to see the finished examples of items themselves. Customers can see what else we can do for their production, our range of materials, and the color palette for the furniture they want. You can meet our talented staff who worked on the showroom design, and you may even walk out with some inspiration for your own space.

We deliver a contemporary way of expressing our products and skills to our potential customers. Our dynamic and multi-talented teams keep a keen eye on developing design trends that connect to today’s modern lifestyle. So if you are interested in creating a particular area in your space and want to see some interesting ideas and options – Hulta Design should be your first port of call!