With Hulta Design, you have the freedom to create the furniture you want. Decide on the design direction, materials, colors and the budget. Our team from Hulta Design is always there to support you during the process, and when you have questions.

Visit us at our factory

We firmly believe in the practice of transparency and openness with our customers, we offer an open door policy to anybody interested in who we are and what we can do for them.

We allow people to personally come and visit us in the factory, this allows us to effectively show people in an upfront and honest way the products and services we offer. You can check the furniture after the production and confirm for yourself the outstanding quality the carpenters and designers deliver. Our customer’s satisfaction is paramount to our past and current success and serves as the critical element for our future success. Our factory is open most days from 8 am to 5 pm daily, excluding public holidays. Our sales team is always on standby for emails, calls or in chats to assist you throughout your order with Hulta Design to give you the assurance on who you will be working with and the quality of work we provide.

We also allow people to come and visit us in our factory, this allows us to show people the work we do is of the highest quality and that we can be trusted to deliver what we promise. You can see furniture being crafted by our skilled carpenters and see the quality of their workmanship for yourself.

We have opened our new showroom and we would love for our clients to come and see our products in their best possible light, in a show home! Our new showroom will exhibit and properly showcase the quality of our products in a similar environment as you would find them in one of our customer’s houses. This will effectively display how serious we are about satisfying our customers’ needs with quality custom made furniture.

As we said in the beginning, don’t take our word for it, come down and see for yourself and see why so many people trust Hulta Design for all their furniture and renovation needs.

Product Quality

We honestly value our customers and we would never do business in a way that would compromise the quality of our products that we supply to our customers. Our designs are meticulously conceptualized and inspired by our customer’s needs. This will help us meet your expectations in every area of design, this is how we can offer you a wide selection of products that can match any type of living space.

We craft furniture that fits various lifestyles and each creation is a vision of understated sophistication and elegance, crafted to your exact specifications. Our design focuses on tactile woodwork, effectively using all the selections and palettes we have available and are also able to customize them to your preferences to match the accents of your home. We work well with minimalist, traditional and rustic styles but this isn’t where our possibilities end. Our teams – designer, carpenters and management’s years of experience is an assurance that you will be able to receive quality furniture. 

Our high quality, bespoke products work well in any kind of living space as an easy way to give meaningful charm and warmth to a room as well as an interesting and unique talking point. We can work with a wide variety of styles, such as minimalist, traditional, rustic and much more. We make our rustic and industrial designs by doing such things as using reclaimed hardwood and iron furniture which can help lend a classic touch of beauty to any room’s atmosphere.

3D Design

We use 3D design primarily in design applications in order to come up with a simulated digital model of the item.
This helps you to see the finished product to make sure that all the details are to your liking.


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